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  • Anatomy of an Ad: Michael Ballack's Priceless Surprise
    Advertising Age goes behind the scenes with MasterCard as it attempts to pull off its most complex Priceless Surprise yet, this time at The UEFA Champion's League Final in Berlin. If you think experiential marketing is easy, you're wrong. Dead wrong.
  • How to Reach the Diverse, Fun Millennial Mom
    Pam Kaufman, CMO of Nickelodeon, on Millennial Moms.
  • Tour a "Smart Home" | Ad Age
    Isobar US President, Jim Butler, owns a home in Southampton that's outfitted with a myriad of smart devices.
  • Loctite Trailer | Anatomy of an Ad
    In episode 3 and 4 of Anatomy of an Ad, Ad Age takes you behind the scenes to the making of the Loctite Super Glue Super Bowl spot. Episode 3, "A Super Bowl Virgin," and episode 4, "Touchdown for Loctite?," will debut on Feb. 1. Watch all the Anatomy of an Ad episodes here:
  • The Real Story Behind the ETrade Baby | Anatomy of an Ad Ep. 2
    Episode 2, "The Real Story Behind the ETrade Baby" This episode takes a look back at the making of one of the most talked-about ads in modern Super Bowl history. See all the Anatomy of an Ad episodes here:
  • Is The Super Bowl Still Worth It? | Anatomy of an Ad Ep. 1
    Episode 1, "Is The Super Bowl Still Worth It?" Ad Age sets the stage with an overview of just what's at stake when a brand decides to spend millions to compete in the ad industry's biggest day of the year. See all the Anatomy of an Ad episodes here:
  • No. 2 Nike +: Fuelband Does it All
    Forget tried and true TV commercials. Now agencies could create entire digital platforms. In partnership with another highly admired marketer -- Apple -- R/GA created a system for Nike to connect its shoes with a tracking device that could wirelessly connect with an athlete’s iPod, transmitting running stats that can be uploaded to iTunes.
  • No. 13 Budweiser: Whassup
    The goal? Reposition the already hugely popular beer brand and make it more appealing to a youthful and multicultural audience. Hardly an easy task, but Budweiser and DDB pulled it off by listening to and tapping into pop culture – what young people were actually like and how they spoke to each other. And then, they portrayed it in a totally fresh and comedic way. Wassup http://creativity-online...
  • No. 5 Red Bull: Stratos
    Red Bull executives do not consider “Stratos” a marketing event, which only adds to its power as brands grapple with what kinds of content they can own and create that will capture attention. The 24-mile freefall jump broke five Guinness World records and also sold plenty of Red Bull. TV, radio and other news outlets everywhere tuned into the event via live stream and the brand earned tons of medi...
  • No. 12 Metro: Dumb Ways to Die
    When you think of the kinds of messages that most resonate with consumers, it’s unlikely that reminders about public safety will be at the top of the list. Yet, the one that McCann in Australia created for Metro Trains, to encourage safety whilst riding the railways is one of the catchiest campaigns launched this century. An integrated campaign that uses a website, apps, games and a song to get ac...
  • No. 11 Dos Equis: Most Interesting Man in the World
    An example of a tried and true ad tactic, creating a spokes character, that broke a lot of taboos in beer advertising. Instead of young, aspirational characters, Dos Equis cast an old guy who doesn’t even always drink beer, an unexpected and refreshing change and the use of hyberbole makes these spots entertaining and memorable. Sword Fight
  • No. 14 Chipotle: Back to the Start
    This branded film was an immediate hit thanks to a perfectly executed mix of animation, high-level production and a great, great song – Willie Nelson covering Coldplay’s “The Scientist.” But what it also represents is a new media strategy, one whereby brands can experiment with the virality of their creative work in online channels for free before splashing out on an expensive broadcast buy. Back...
  • No. 9 P&G: Thank You Mom
    Rather than sponsor just the Olympics, P&G saw value in sponsoring those who make the games happen. Not the athletes, but the families and specifically the Moms who support the athletes all throughout their childhood. A smart insight deployed with emotional storytelling that meant these ads were remembered. Pick them Up Again
  • No. 8 Apple: Get a Mac - Out of the Box
    What began as a jab turned into a long-running and beloved joke between the two biggest computer makers in America. The “Get a Mac” campaign for Apple by TBWA/Media Arts Lab represents a rare example of an effective, palatable comparative ad campaign. Out of the Box

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