Alen Mayer - Sales Trainer and Keynote Speaker

Alen Mayer - Sales Trainer and Keynote Speaker

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  • Salespeople’s Self-talk: Stories We Say To Ourselves

    Sales people engage in self-limiting behavior all the time. Selling is a head game; if your head isn’t in the game, you might be struggling to hit the numbers. We work with sales executives, managers and business owners who often struggle with their own self-limiting attitudes and behaviors. Consistently we’ll find a series of stories…

  • How to Avoid Hype When Selling

    All too often, sales managers and salespeople pass off hype as enthusiasm, whether consciously or not. Visit any car dealership and just stand still to get a taste of this practice. Hype appeals to the imagination, both on the part of the salesperson and customer. The problem with hype and imagination during the sales of…

  • Cold Calling Sucks, But it Works!

    Being a salesperson requires ongoing customer and client communication. The biggest fear most salespeople have is being rejected, by the caller on the other end of the telephone. Cold calling is not easy; in fact, it can be frightening. Same as writing blogs about cold calling. There are some proven cold calling techniques that really…

  • Myth: Introverts are shy

    Extroverts’ perception of introverts is based on some pervasive and faulty myths: Myth #1: Introverts are shy and insecure. “You can’t hide in your cubicle forever! Come out and talk to people!” Truth: Introverts are not afraid of social interaction – they just need a really good reason to interact. They dislike meaningless interactions – the “fluff”…

  • Make People Want to Buy

    Whenever a new commodity appears, we ridicule it, and oppose it, and refuse to buy it at any price. Then the salesperson trains his energies on us. We fight for a while, and finally we surrender. But we give no credit, or glory, to the salesperson. We walk up to the counter and buy the commodity, remarking to…

  • Business Culture and Introverts

    Business culture is geared toward the go-getter, the team player, the networker, the entrepreneur and the leader. It’s about power, getting ahead, cutthroat competition, deals and leverage. It is, isn’t it? On the surface, this sounds like an automatic recipe for success for the extrovert, and disaster for the introvert. But as you’ll soon read,…

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