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  • 3rd to 7th - Weekend of Energy challenge, Research and Calls

    The weekend was a busy one. From Friday evening to Sunday afternoon, a few hours each day was spent with some students and professors conducting a challenge revolving around energy data which was collected from SteamaCo data collecting agency.Day 1 consisted of a meet and greet, and an explanation of the challenges in hand. 3 were positioned to us:1. How can we create more value for energy users f...

  • 02/12 - Visit to PowerGen and attending Energy Data Challenge

    Today started off with a visit to the PowerGen workshop, where they manufacture and assemble their mini grid units for off grid communities. After the meeting, I returned to freshen up to attended  Nairobi Energy Data Challenge. The University of Edinburgh and the Energy Data for All, providing 3 challenges of how the data collected from off grid mini grid energy systems can be used and to increa...

  • 01/12 - Design and follow ups

    This days activities were limited to working on the PC to do renderings and develop concept designs for the cradle of the shows how rendering of the solar enabler with graphics for a client interested in the system. Its like tetris!Other than drawing and thinking of alternatives for the cradle and re-rendering the system for potential partners and follow up emails - specifically arranging...

  • 30th Dec @ MSF, fixing the shower and ... Tim Westwood?

    The day started, worked on the 3D model and think of cradle and the phone components for the T4 – some challenges were faced specifically with the cradle as it needed house the electronics – switch, mic and speaker. To be able to make this slim, visually suited for the main body and light weight proves to place you in a tight spot. As it’s going to have to be in 2 halves as injection moulding is t...

  • Designer in Nairobi.

    Hello! Welcome to my life as a designer in Nairobi, with AleutiaI am here today, 4 weeks into my stay in Nairobi and I have seen and experienced the love this city has to give, the welcoming and kind people are talkative and curious. There is a feeling a community here, it’s a small city – in a small world. You wouldn’t be wrong to expect to run into someone you knew from a different lifetime, I d...

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