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Allegheny Design Services

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  • Sports and Recreation - Allegheny Design Services

    Sports and recreation ventures are a special type of project within our industry. These projects must ultimately be focused on improving fan experience and the needs of the end user, which can lead to unique challenges for the design team. We bring together our vast experience in design-build projects, advanced BIM workflow and our athletic project portfolio to deliver the kind of engineering s...

  • Geoff Marshall Testimonial - Allegheny Design Services

    "A lot of times, the only thing most people see is the paint on the walls and the ceiling tiles. No one gives a lot of thought to what goes on behind all make a facility work." Geoff Marshall, Vice President of Support Services for United Hospital Center, trusts Allegheny Design Services with the "behind the scenes" work that keeps a building structurally sound.

  • Ron Lytle Testimonial - Allegheny Design Services

    Ron Lytle is the president of Lytle Construction Corporation. Contracts need answers, and they need them fast. That is why Ron turns to Allegheny Design Services for his engineering needs.

  • Paul Walker Testimonial - Allegheny Design Services

    Paul Walker is the president of Paradigm Architecture. There are many things he looks for when seeking out an Engineering/Design team for projects. See why he chooses Allegheny Design Services time after time.

  • Allegheny Design Services - About Us

    Allegheny Design Services (ADS), established in 2002, specializes in many different areas of Structural and MEP engineering. We provide reliable, responsible services of building system design and analysis. We are the link between owners, architects, and contractors. We help the architect realize their vision while providing simple, buildable solutions to the contractor. We pride ourselves in off...

  • Allegheny Design Services - Architects

    Allegheny Design Services (ADS) works closely with architects to provide the structural support that turn their vision into reality. The large expanses and dynamic visual cues of modern architectural design often require unique engineering solutions to maintain system integrity while providing the look and function that the architect desires. Allegheny Design Services pride themselves on providi...

  • Allegheny Design Services - Building Information Modeling

    The design world is moving toward using Building Information Modeling (BIM). BIM utilizes a 3-D representation of a building prior to construction. At Allegheny Design Services, we first build all of our designs using BIM. That way, we can find and fix issues before they are built using brick and mortar. This saves owners and contractors time and money.

  • Dave Cotton - Allegheny Design Services

    David is a resident of Morgantown, WV. He graduated from West Virginia University Institute of Technology with a BS in Mechanical Engineering from the Leonard C. Nelson College of Engineering & Sciences in 2006 and later obtained professional engineering licensure in the State of West Virginia in 2010.

  • Mike Chancey - Allegheny Design Services

    After a brief two year stint with Duke Power in Greensboro, NC, Mike has spent the rest of his career designing electrical systems for various building types and facilities.

  • Jillian Maston - Allegheny Design Services

    Presently, she is completing her Master of Civil Engineering at North Carolina State University with a focus in structural engineering. Jillian gained experience in the industry through internships at Burgess and Niple and the North Carolina Department of Transportation. In January 2013 she began her career at Allegheny Design Services where she has broadened her experience in the analysis and des...

  • Mike Howell - Allegheny Design Services

    Mike works as the Senior Structural Engineer for ADS. His responsibilities include project management and structural design.

  • Jason Robinson - Allegheny Design Services

    Jason works as an Associate Structural Engineer at Allegheny Design Services. His responsibilities include but are not limited to project management, production of construction documents with CAD and structural engineering design

  • Dave Smith - Allegheny Design Services

    David Smith is a resident of Morgantown. He graduated from West Virginia University with a BS in Electrical Engineering from the Benjamin M. Statler College of Engineering and Mineral Resources in 2012.

  • Sandy Simpson - Allegheny Design Services

    Sandra works as the Office Manager at Allegheny Design Services. She is responsible for preparing payroll, accounts receivable, accounts payable, preparation of proposals, ordering supplies and all general office duties including keeping the engineers in line.

Allegheny Design Services

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Allegheny Design Services

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