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  • JOE & DANIELLE : ARPlovestory

    What a beautiful day!!!I'm so thankful that Joe and Danielle joined our ARPfamily. I have had so much fun getting to know them over the past year, and walking with them through engagement images, wedding planning and all of the exciting things that go along with such an important day. Not only was their wedding beautiful, but it also had the right mix of friends, family and lots of fun. Joe and Da...

  • Your intentional calendar — FALL 2016

    It’s the beginning of October, and we're all on the verge of the busiest season of life. I can hear it in the voices of my ARPmoms already--that tension of there’s so much on the calendar already, and they feel they can’t blink because if they do, it will be January.I feel it too--in my business life and my family life. Here at ARP we’ve decide...

  • I stink at doing January

    I love February.January is hard for me because as much as I want to do all of the goal setting and planning that everyone else does, I just am never able to make it happen. I try - I buy the planner, the sheets - all the things, but somewhere between taking a breath from my Christmas Rush and just needing a moment to take a pe...

  • The day she stopped believing in fairies...

    Ever ~ 10 Last Wednesday night was a big night in our house.For days and days possibly weeks Ever had been struggling with a loose tooth - a molar. You know the ones — they hurt worse when when they are loose then when they actually come out. Finally - Ever was the one that successf...

  • PAUL & STEPHANIE : ARPlovestory

    Paul & Stephanie!!!So many things about this day were just amazing! You guys threw a party that no one wanted to leave... and that's exactly what I expected!!! I have loved hanging out with both of you and learning about your sweet lovestory. Stephanie you can tell that Paul's daily motivation is to always make you smile. Great family! Perfect weather! Beautiful couple! Awesome party! - Just don't...

  • CODY & CASEY : ARPlovestory

    Well, this Mississippi girl sure loves a southern wedding!It's not everyday a groomsman stops you in the middle of the shoot to ask if you'd like some water.I truly loved being part of Casey and Cody's big day. First off - I love Casey's family. They've been with ARP since Casey's senior session and it was so fun to join them on this sweet occasion. And Cody... well what do I say about you Mr. Joh...

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