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  • Seasonal reboot

    Some summers are about adventure. Some restore and replenish. And some summers satisfy hungers we didn’t know we had, until we allowed the heat and the light to unlock them. This summer fed me what I was craving : a reset. I didn’t realize I needed it until I hit an uncomfortable funk during what […]

  • Speaking from within

    My son is in the process of writing his middle school graduation speech. Ouch. I’m watching him squirm as he attempts to draw out the truths of his experience up until now, and distill them into something he can convey to the rest of us. His school is tiny, so each kid will take a […]

  • Dancing Into Our Power

    If you’ve been around here for any length of time you know that I’m a relentless emissary of The 12 Elements of Power ™. This framework, love child of the brilliant Michelle Lisenbury Christensen, has become the heart of my work – I use it with my clients, in my workshops and when I give talks. Why? […]

  • We don’t need rescuing

    We’re midway through the latest Women’s Coaching Circle, and I’m awash with appreciation for the insights these amazing women are having about their lives, using the 12 Elements of Power as a tool and a lens. Damn, they’re wise. One topic we’ve been working with is the tricky terrain of rescuing or fixing, and the impact […]

  • Reflections on a cross-country flight

    I saw Overly straight spines. Leaning forward in chairs, eager to please. Relentless application of lipstick. Feet crammed into too tight shoes. Eyes forever comparing – she’s more, I’m less. Exhaustion. Onthephoneonthecomputer textingtypingcheckingrechecking. Seeking not finding a connection that enables a softening of the heart and the shared space of being met where we are. […]

  • Why we gather

    I just got back from a much-needed visit to the San Francisco Bay area.  My one and only intent for the trip?  To gather with my best friends and bask in the love we create together. This trip was a strategic investment.  The ROI on the endeavor?  Off the charts.  My business, my parenting, and my health […]

  • My vantage point

    I’m paying close attention to the conversations around me these days. I’m noticing common threads among the women in my life; the friends and colleagues, the clients and workshop participants, the women in my Zumba class and those in line at the grocery store. We’re feeding off each other, making changes that influence those around […]

  • Intentions are for sharing

      Here we are, a week plus into 2015.  Let’s do a gut check. Are you feeling relief that 2104 is over, and that whatever it wrought is now behind you?  Self-critical thoughts about what you didn’t – couldn’t – shouldn’t have?  Eager anticipation of the clean slate ahead?  Calm resolve? If you haven’t already, take a moment to be with […]

  • Darkness into light : winter solstice

    Last night was the winter solstice.  The darkest night of the year, and the beginning of our return to the light.  A pivot point for sure. From inner to outer. From self-reliant to connected. From ripening to harvesting. Here in the Pacific Northwest the solstice is a big deal.  Since September we have woken in the dark and watched the […]

  • Appreciating Resilience

    Resilience. What does the word bring up for you? I’m thinking about bending without breaking. Going with, rather than away from. Enveloping and integrating. Finding power in perseverance. Knowing – and behaving like – it’s a marathon, not a sprint. We women are hardwired for resilience. Think about any period of social change and recall […]

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