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  • Why Don’t Dogs Live Forever?

    True dog lovers know that the hardest part of dog ownership is coming to terms with their lifespans—dogs don’t live as long as humans do, so it’s inevitable that, at some point, we’ll have to say goodbye to our best friends. In recent years, dogs’ lifespans have become even shorter.… Read More»

  • NutraSea Chocolate Wins Green Choice Award

      We’re proud and happy to announce that, thanks to your support of our omega-3 products, NutraSea Chocolate Liquid Omega-3 was the recipient of the Green Choice Award for New Vitamins & Supplements! We launched NutraSea Chocolate in July 2015 as a sweet, smoothie-friendly complement to our fruit-flavoured liquid NutraSea… Read More»

  • Omega-3, Depression, and Mood: What New Studies Suggest

    According to the Canadian Mental Health Association, 8% of Canadian adults will experience major depression at some point in their lives, and 5% are currently struggling with an anxiety disorder [1]. Depression and mood disorders also threaten the wellbeing of Canadian youth—the CMHA states that 5% of males and 12%… Read More»

  • Squid Oil—Sustainable, High DHA Omega-3

    Not all omega-3 products are made from fish oil. One alternative to the traditional fish oil omega-3 supplement is squid oil, sometimes called calamari oil. In this post, we’ll highlight the differences between fish oil and squid oil, explore why squid oil is often a more sustainable choice, and discuss… Read More»

  • News: We’re Expanding!

    We’re happy to announce the expansion of our Dartmouth, N.S. headquarter facility! Our expanded location will increase efficiency and production capacity, allowing us to bring you even more high quality omega-3 products. Since our inception, we’ve helped position Nova Scotia as an ideal setting for marine-based life sciences with access… Read More»

  • Fish Oil Reviews From Omega-3 Lovers

    Nothing makes us happier than hearing from NutraSea customers who have experienced amazing results and improved health after incorporating one of our omega-3 products into their diet. In this blog post we’ve compiled some real omega-3 reviews we’ve received in recent years. Omega-3 Reviews from Health Professionals “Fish oil is… Read More»

  • Top 9 Benefits of Fish Oil for Dogs

    We know your four legged friends aren’t just pets, they’re a part of your family! It makes sense that you’d want nothing but the best for them—from the right amount of exercise and regular check-ups at the vet, to a nutritious diet that keeps them healthy and happy. While there’s… Read More»

  • Congratulations to Luna and Blossom, the Love Your Pets Photo Contest winners!

    During the month of February, we held a Love Your Pets Photo Contest to celebrate the special kind of love only a pet can provide! Our 36 finalists were cute, cuddly, furry, and photogenic—but one cat and one dog rose above the rest (and received the most Facebook likes) to… Read More»

  • Is Algal Oil—Or Algae Omega-3—As Good As Fish Oil?

    You’ve likely already heard about the many potential benefits of including omega-3 in your diet. The most commonly-known omega-3 supplement is fish oil (in liquid or capsule format)—but if you choose not to eat fish, how can you get enough omega-3? Algal oil—or algae omega-3—is an excellent fish-free alternative to omega-3 fish… Read More»

  • Online Ordering Changes and Updated Store Finder

    Dear valued customers, 2016 has been an exciting year so far, and we’ve been busy making some changes behind-the-scenes. Creating the highest quality omega-3 products has always been our goal, and we’re excited to reveal some new and improved products in the coming weeks and months. Now as part of… Read More»

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