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  • Best Shed Felt for felting a shed roof

    In the aftermath of the storms that battered the UK this weekend, many home owners have woken to find their sheds a little worse for wear. Those needing to make a quick repair face a bewildering choice of roofing felt, on-line or in store. If your looking for the Best Shed Felt, then read on. Roofing felt […]

  • Super Shed Felt

    Super Shed Felt / Polyester Reinforced Shed Felt Considered by many experts as offering the best value for money. This will normally outlast both standard and heavy duty felt. With a life expectancy of 15 years, the major improvement comes from the use of polyester fibre as the core ingredient, rather than cloth fibre. This […]

  • Shed Felt

    Shed Felt Used on most garden buildings across the UK, this is the one you are most likely to encounter in  D.I.Y. stores and garden centers. Good quality shed felt is made from a compressed cloth-fibre base, which is then covered with modified bitumen. During manufacture, the felt is coated on one side with a […]

  • Heavy Duty Shed Felt

    Heavy Duty Shed Felt Heavy Duty Shed Felt is again a bitumen fibre felt, but one that is typically manufactured with twice the amount of materials to that of a standard shed felt. Apart from being twice as thick, the other noticeable difference is that the green mineral finish is made with coarser grains (2-4 […]

  • Brazilian Roofing Slate: Trying to seperate the good from the bad?

    Much of the slate quarried in Brazil comes from ‘sedimentary mudstone’*. At the time of writing (Spring 2013), there is some debate over the future of this type of Brazilian roofing slate. In Summer 2012, the National House Building Council (NHBC) published a technical bulletin reminding members that any roofing slate (including that sourced from […]

  • Roof Flashing

    A Roof Flashing seals joints between different sections of your roof. The roof flashing will be used around a Velux window, the chimney, along valleys, around the dormer window and around any vent pipes. Roof flashings may also be required to seal the gap between roofs of one property and the one next door. Without […]

  • Lead Flashing

    As can be seen in our previous blog understanding roof flashing, lead has been used for millennia due to its capacity to provide a high degree of durability, coupled with malleability, strength and ease of fitting. The jargon that surrounds it can confuse even the most experienced. Here’s our quick guide to understanding lead flashing: […]

  • Lead Codes Explained

    Lead codes determine the weight (and hence the thickness) of lead sheet. The number in the code simply equates to the weight in lbs, per square foot of lead. The importance of using the correct lead code: When installed correctly, lead will often outlast the life of the building. Where lead is installed incorrectly, especially where […]

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