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  • ZT410 Impresora

    IMPRESIÓN INDUSTRIAL AVANZADA. RESISTENCIA Y DURABILIDAD. GRAN CANTIDAD DE FUNCIONES.Mantenga la eficiencia de sus operaciones críticas con las duraderas impresoras ZT400 Series de Zebra, diseñadas para proporcionar años de rendimiento para una amplia gama deaplicaciones.La ZT400 Series parte de la fiabilidad contrastada de la Z Series™, con mejoras en la velocidad de impresión, la calidad de impr...

  • Accellos One Warehouse

    Acellos One Warehouse es el resultado de la integración de equipos de radiofrecuencia y código de barras con una aplicación robusta y robusta para gestión de almacenes y logística, que ofrece una herramienta potente, escalable y flexible que opera en tiempo real y ayuda a su almacén. Costos y plazos de entrega, eliminar errores, reducir los niveles de inventario y aumentar el servicio al cliente....

Barrdega Sistemas S.A.

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  • Barrdega Sistemas enters Zebra ISV

    Today December 20, 2016 Press ReleaseBarrdega Sistemas is proud to announce the entrance into the Zebra Technologies ISV partner agreement for Panama and Mexico. Together with Zebra Technologies and Barrdega Sistemas we will forge the market in LATAM for 3PL and General warehouse implementations of logistics software and hardware. Barrdega Sistemas is the leader in warehouse and 3PL implementation...


    Accellos One: La Solución Completa para Almacenadoras. La industria de las empresas que se dedican al almacenaje a terceros es un giro dinámico con variados grados de complejidad, causados por el hecho de manejar los productos de diferentes clientes y por los servicios especializados que ofrece: Almacenamiento Fiscal, Almacenamiento de Depósito, Almacenamiento de Crédito, Habilitación de Bodegas, ...

  • 10 ways to pay for your WMS fast!

    Warehouse management systems, normally abbreviated as WMS are best depicted as the operating processes and superior technology that optimize all functions of warehousing. These functions usually begin with receipts from merchants and conclude with shipments to clienteles, and include all movements of inventory and flow of information in between.Basically, successful warehouse management systems so...

  • AccellosOne WMS for 3PL!

    AccellosOne WMS for 3PL strikes the perfect balance of customer satisfaction, employee fulfillment and shareholder value, delivering greater profitability and rapid return on investment for our customersThe 3PL industry is a dynamic environment with varying degrees of complexity caused by multiple clients operating in a single facility – each with its own unique set of rules. AccellosOne WMS for 3...

  • Server Virtualization - VMware

    This creates a separate OS environment that is logically isolated from the host server. By providing multiple VMs at once, this approach allows several operating systems to run simultaneously on a single physical machine.Rather than paying for many under-utilized server machines, each dedicated to a specific workload, server virtualization allows those workloads to be consolidated onto a smaller n...

  • Implementation of your WMS

    DiscoveryThe first stage in any implementation is working with you, the client, to discover your current processes and your ideal future state. This is critical is to really dive into the pain points you currently have, and to understand your business, to be sure the future state takes those into consideration.If you are looking to start an implementation definitely give Barrdega a call today at +...

  • BYOD Trend - Barrdega Panama

    Times have changed and tables have turned; in the past when IT infrastructure was considered expensive to the end consumer, it was more affordable to companies and corporations than it was to their employees. Companies were hence expected to purchase and upgrade computing equipment for their employees which meant that a corporation’s data was exclusive to its infrastructure. However, computing dev...

  • Warehouse Inefficiencies

    There are 6 key warehouse inefficiencies to look out for:1. Not Putting Products Away as they enter the WarehouseThis may occur when there is a lack of employees at the receiving area of the warehouse. Items get backed up and never make it to the warehouse floor. If items never make it to the warehouse floor, the company is in possession of product that can’t be sold.When a warehouse management sy...

  • Back to Basics in Supply Chain Optimization Barrdega Sistemas

    The supply chain is a network comprising manufacturers, distributors, retailers, customers, transporters, processes and application systems as well as mathematical models. This network is aimed at one purpose which entails ensuring products and services are delivered to final customers in their requested descriptions within desired time frames. However, companies must ensure their provision is opt...

  • Glenn Tosco Logistics Consultant

    Panama / Mexico Logistics Barrdega Sistemas S.A. has office in Mexico and Panama, with most than 25 years logistics and system experience, we bring your company results. The CEO Glenn Tosco is a long-time consultant in the Accellos / Highjump Market bringing years of experience in both Logistics and Enterprise class computer networks. Barrdega Sistemas hold more than 75 certifications in VMware an...

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