Bemis Company, Inc. is a global manufacturer of flexible packaging products (ranging from self-venting cook-in-bag packaging and retort packaging for shelf-stable products, to vacuum packaging for meat products and puncture-resistant, sterile medical packaging) and pressure-sensitive materials. Bemis is headquartered in Neenah, Wisconsin in the United States. Its divisions are located in 12 countries and its films for packaging products and adhesive materials are distributed worldwide.


Bemis Company, Inc.

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Bemis Company, Inc.

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  • Packaging World Technology Minute - The Future of Foil Lidding, Calypso™

    Pat Reynolds of Packaging World interviews Market Manager, Dorian Daniels, on Bemis® Calypso™ foil lidding. This stronger and softer material eliminates consumer frustrations of lids that tear, puncture and cut them. Calypso™ die cut lids are a solution for many applications currently using heavy gauge foil lidding, including yogurt and additional cultured dairy products, as well as other food, no...

  • Is Your Foil Lidding an Obstacle or an Invitation?

    Eliminate consumer frustration from foil lidding that tears, punctures and even cuts consumers. Calypso™ die cut lidding delivers greater than 2x the tear resistance and 50% more puncture strength than traditional lidding, keeping your product safe throughout its life. Calypso™ is the next generation foil lidding for yogurt, cultured dairy products and other food, nonfood and medical products that...

  • Custom Food Producer Improves to Packaging 60 Pouches Per Minute

    Kitchen Partners, a customer food producer, has experienced tremendous growth and major efficiency improvements including new product categories, 50% increase in kg/man hour and the ability to package 60 pouches per minute after implementing the Liquiflex™ VFFS machine. See their story.

  • Easy Open Peel Technology for Lids and Cups

    Never let your consumers struggle to open a lid again with Evolution® Cup Stock that requires 50% less force to peel. Great solution for pudding, yogurt and other products.

  • Foodservice Packaging Equipment - Drive Efficiency & Total Cost Savings

    Reduce materials up to 30% and increase throughput up to double the speed with our foodservice packaging machine, Liquiflex™. The compact footprint takes up 30% less space than competitive machines while the intuitive design allows for efficient setup and changeover.

  • Take Your Packaging to New Places - Who We Are

    Bemis works collaboratively with forward-thinking customers to deliver inspired food and consumer packaging that enables customer success. We spark product breakthroughs through bold thinking, deep customer engagement and consumer insights. We are committed to high quality execution and technical support that provides peace of mind. And, we find ways to streamline costs through more efficient op...

  • Concept to Commercialization - Bemis Innovation Center

    Arrive at data driven packaging solutions through research, collaboration and ideation at the Bemis Innovation Center. Limit your risk by being able to do rapid prototyping, experiment on manufacturing lines and conduct consumer testing. Through this process, you will be able to accelerate your speed to market and grow your business.

  • Lower Total Costs by Rethinking the Premade Shrink Bag

    Reduce rework and lower labor costs by 50%, while increasing throughput and boosting product appearance with Bemis® Flow-Tite™ Shrink Rollstock. This new technology minimizes SKUs and increases safety in work areas.

  • Sachet Packaging for Condiments, Sauces and Dressings

    Lower your labor costs and nearly double the throughput on your sachet packaging with Bemis® Performaflex™ Films and the Sanko FR3 Sachet Machine. With close to zero headspace, you can increase shelf life by as much as 8 weeks.

Bemis Company, Inc.

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