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  • Webinar for AIPMM
    Product managers and product marketers need buying insights, not fluffy buyer persona profiles, to understand what they need to do and say to influence buying decisions.
  • How Many Buyer Personas Do You Need? Adele Revella Answers
    Companies are building too many buyer personas by starting with their existing approaches to segmentation based on demographics such as industry, job title, company size and geography. In this video, Adele Revella explains how to determine how many buyer personas you need based on differences in the way buyers make the decisions we want to influence. This video is excerpted from a 45 minute pres...
  • Adele Revella Presents an Example Buyer Persona
    This is a presentation of the 5 Rings of Buying Insight for Amanda, an example buyer persona created by Buyer Persona Institute. Watch Adele Revella present each of the insights to understand what you need to know about your buyer’s Priority Initiative, Success Factors, Perceived Barriers, Decision Criteria, and Buyer’s Journey. This video is an excerpt of a 45 minute presentation for Ragan Tra...
  • Introduction to Building and Using Buyer Personas
    We use these slides to introduce marketers to buyer personas that emphasize buying insights, which are the most actionable part of a buyer persona. This deck explains the 5 Rings of Buying Insight, the unique interview methodology that is needed to discover these insights, and the way buying insights are used to define the content of your message, marketing content, and sales training. If you wou...
  • Buyer Personas Book by Adele Revella -- a Sneak Peek
    Table of Contents: Foreword: David Meerman Scott Introduction: Listen First, Then Speak Why Is Everyone Talking About Buyer Personas? Will This Approach Work For You? PART ONE: UNDERSTANDING THE ART AND SCIENCE OF BUYER PERSONAS Why the ’Know Your Customer’ Rule Has Been Redefined A Clothes Dryer’s Extra Setting Made All the Difference Will You Understand Your Buyer, Or Their Decision? Relying ...
  • Buyer Persona Infographic
    Many buyer personas lack the breadth and depth of insight that is needed to establish the persona as an authority on the decisions marketers need to make. So nothing changes. An insight, by definition, reveals new information. It’s something you don’t already know. It’s only through a real-time dialogue, through listening to each buyer’s story and posing questions based on their answers, that yo...
  • The Buyer Persona Manifesto, 2nd Edition
    The interest in buyer personas has exploded, but the need to understand them hasn’t changed. In fact, at the Buyer Persona Institute we hear from marketers every day who lost their way as they attempted to build or leverage this important tool. In this completely updated edition of The Buyer Persona Manifesto, Adele Revella, founder and CEO of Buyer Persona Institute, explains ... - How to mov...
  • How many buyer personas do you need
    Marketers are building far too many buyer personas because they’re segmenting based on buyer demographics such as job title, industry, and company size. Instead, you should segment buyers based on significant differences in how, when and why buyers make the decisions you want to influence. These three slides examine the difference in the example buyer persona shared here and on our website at...
  • Example buyer persona marketer
    We have always wanted to have an example buyer persona, but our clients would never allow their competitors to have access to such valuable insights. We can’t argue with that. So we developed the following persona without a client in mind. We built it by interviewing marketers about their decision to buy an email marketing solution. Please note that one important aspect of this persona is far m...
  • Explaining the Buyer Persona Interview to Sales Management
    Marketers often struggle to get permission from Sales to interview buyers, and direct buyer interviews are critical to the deep buyer insights that marketers need. These few slides will help you explain the goals to sales management. Learn how to interview buyers at
  • Deep buyer insights: Closing the gap
    Watch sales people react to any marketing presentation, and the disconnect between the teams is palpable. When the reps’ most mundane smartphone updates are more compelling than the marketer’s plans to facilitate their success, it’s clear that marketing and sales are operating from different playbooks. In this presentation, Adele Revella presents a plan to build a marketing team that provides k...
  • Get More Leads by Identifying and Targeting Your Buyer Personas
    If there’s just one thing you do in 2013 to improve your marketing and sales, it’s developing buyer personas. By developing personas of your customers, you’ll understand what drives their purchase decisions for your products and services – and how you can better market to them. In our Buyer Personas webinar, Janet Driscoll Miller, President and CEO of Search Mojo, and Adele Revella, President of...
  • eBook: For Compelling Content, Let Your Buyer Be Your Guide
    Your buyers are the source of the insights that will differentiate your content and clarify all marketing decisions. Understanding how your buyers make their decisions, and how to persuade them, will make your job easier and more rewarding than you ever imagined. View this eBook and learn: - Three must-follow rules for successful buyer-driven content marketing - Details on how to discover and ac...
  • Buyer Personas: The 5 Insights Every Marketer Needs to Nail
    Buyer Personas: The 5 Insights Every Marketer Needs to Nail - a webinar presentation by Adele Revella, Founder and President, Buyer Persona Institute, for Act-On Software, 2012

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