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  • What good is a website for your business?

    Tell your story. Your business has a unique story that needs to be told, and your website is a great place to tell it. What you do, how long you’ve been doing it, why you are good at what you do, how you started doing it, and more about you and your business. Answer questions for […]

  • Don’t Make These 4 Big UI Design Mistakes

    UI stands for user interface design, and it refers to pretty much everything a user sees when they are viewing a website. It includes the layout of the site as well as all of the visual elements and interactive features that make a website functional. Within a web design company, the UI designer is the […]

  • SEO Is Changing: Here are Some Top Trends to Look Out For in 2017

    Consider the fact that a study by Outbrain showed that a search via a search engine is the number one driver of traffic to a website, beating social media by more than 300%. With this in mind, it is important to focus on developing your search engine marketing techniques on the up and coming trends […]

  • Are You a Small Business Owner Looking to Boost Visibility Online? Follow These 3 SEO Hacks First!

    It is no secret that search engine optimization, also known as SEO, is crucial for any small business in order to boost its visibility online. A full 93% of online experiences begin with a search engine, so your number one goal as a small business owner is to get potential clients to click onto your […]

  • SEO 101: Why Search Engine Optimization Matters

    “SEO” is one of the biggest buzzwords in business marketing today. But why exactly is search engine optimization so important? Many people mistakenly believe that if they run a good business, and have any kind of web presence at all, potential customers will be able to find them online when they use a search engine […]

  • 3 SEO Strategies to Work Into Your 2016/17 Game Plan

    The simple truth is that your position on a search engine determines how many clicks you get, and eventually how much revenue you earn. Here’s a scary fact: About 75% of users never even scroll past the second page of search results. Luckily, there is a whole industry that finds strategies to boost your rankings. […]

  • 4 Common Mac Problems

    As far as Macbooks go — they work pretty well, and if you take care of them, they’ll probably function pretty well for a while. But, of course, accidents happen, and as your Macbook gets older, it’s more and more likely to experience issues. And, if you use your computer for school or work, or […]

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