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  • Online Transaction Security Guide

    With the rise of online banking options and shopping sites that encourage the use of checking and credit card information, online transaction security is even more important. As the web grows and diversifies with options for online payments, a number of false sites pose a constant threat to all computer users. Exchanging sensitive information without the appropriate encryption technology or securi...

  • You’ve got scammed

    While countless online services and shops have made socialising, shopping, working, paying and playing so much easier, it’s exactly these things that make everyone that partakes in the aforementioned online activities susceptible to fraud. Crafty cyber criminals come up with new scams every day to cheat merchants and consumers alike out of their hard earned money. Of course you know about phishing...

  • 10 Tips on How to Create the Ultimate Web Shop

    The ease of creating an online environment and running a web shop right from the comfort of one’s own home or garage has resulted in each Tom, Dick, Harry and Paula thinking that they can become the next Amazon, AliBaba or Zalando. Even though it seems easy enough, to become really successful, it takes a lot of hard work and sound strategy. As a …

  • Possible changes to the EU e-commerce landscape

    As a part of the Revised Payment Services Directive (PSD2), the European Banking Authority (EBA) has proposed to reduce risk and mitigate fraud in the payment industry by implementing passwords to authenticate payments upward from EUR 10. One of the repercussions is that payments in apps like Uber or web shops where consumers register their card are no longer automatic, but require a password …

  • Risk & Fraud Management Challenges Infographic

    Risk and fraud are a part of a merchant’s life as much as profits and customers. But how does one deal with credit card fraud, stolen identities and securing sensitive data? Our white paper ‘Risk and fraud management challenges within the payment industry’ discusses these topics in-depth. This infographic highlights the white paper’s most important findings. Share this image on your site Please in...

  • Get down with OTT

    Last week we presented our new tokenisation service, One Time Token. This service helps non-PCI-compliant merchants to collect card data on their own servers and to process payments securely. But what is a token and how does it work? During the tokenisation process, the primary account number (PAN) and other sensitive card details are replaced by a non-sensitive equivalent that has no meaning or …

  • EMV’s Not So Happy Birthday

    Last year on October 1st, EMV was introduced in the United States as a way to counter credit and debit card fraud in retail and to protect issuing banks against the liability shift. On its 1-year anniversary, we decided that it was time to check up on the implementation and share our findings with you. A quick reminder: EMV is a technical authentication standard …

  • Let’s get digital

    Maybe you have noticed it too, but a lot of blogs and other media have been mentioning the rise of online grocery shopping these past couple of weeks. This probably has something to do with the report that Internetretailer.com released earlier this month. This 2016 Online Food Report states that the online sales of groceries grew by 15% the past year and now accounts …

  • One size fits none

    A while back we wrote a blog about cross-border e-commerce. As you may remember, one of the main messages was that “one size fits none.” This means that when you have a global client base, you will have to cater to each target area individually and never simply copy-paste your domestic strategy to a new location. When we wrote it, we actually had some …

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