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Erwin Penland
Erwin Penland
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  • United States of Sports: 10 Steps to Sports Sponsorship Success
    As with any marketing campaign, brands must identify their key objectives and the key measures that will determine whether what they do is successful. Finding the right sponsorship and then activating it successfully requires brands to truly understand the consumer and what motivates them.
  • United States of Sports: Trends in Sports Marketing
    The armchair quarterback now has a live audience. Fans are dividing their attention between the TV screen, their computer and/or their mobile devices. In real time, they can trash talk with others on social media.
  • United States of Sports: Why Sports?
    When "sports marketing" was coined in 1979 it operated on two channels: TV advertising and on sight. But now it’s become a multi-channel platform. Brands are stepping up to the plate and offering integrated campaigns to deliver against that.
  • United States of Sports: Sports has a big...
    Where are we in relation to these big worshiping centers called sports stadiums? With 2/3 of the population being 
100+ miles from the nearest sports team, geography is about the only thing working against sports, because it has a lot of big things working FOR it.
  • Shopper Marketing: The Connected Consumer has Killed the Shopper
    The Connected Consumer has Killed the Shopper. When it comes to buying, there is no singular Moment of Truth. The purpose of marketing communications is not to sell goods and services – 
it’s to minimize buying 
and consumption friction. So how do we appeal to this connected consumer and create these transformational experiences?
  • Social Media - Paid Media Cheatsheet
    View the minimum costs, media units and targeting options for Paid Media on Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin and Tumblr.
  • Putting Pinterest into Perspective
    Pinterest currently boasts 70 million users. Approximately 80% of those users are women, who skew slightly older and have a higher average salary than users on some other platforms. This makes Pinterest a prime platform for reaching women with children and disposable income.
  • Putting Tumblr into Perspective
    Tumblr is a micro-blogging site where users and brands can leverage the creativity of an open platform to display their interests and passions. It’s a blank canvas that allows them to tell their stories through text, pictures, animation, music and video, without design restrictions or character limits.
  • Putting Vine into Perspective
    The really special thing about Vine is the fact that the 6 second nature of it has actually caused people to become more and more creative with what they capture in the video. Just as people had to learn to do more with less with the 140 character limit of Twitter, the same is true of Vine. But, in this case, the added video and audio components allow people to push that creativity further.
  • Putting Instagram in Perspective
    If Twitter is all about sharing what is happening now, Instagram is all about showing what you are doing now. It’s less about current news, events and entertainment and more about capturing your perspective on moments in time as you live them — and then showcasing those moments in the best possible light.
  • Putting Twitter into Perspective
    If you think of Facebook as a town, think of Twitter as a town square.  People (who may also be on Facebook) congregate to share news, commentary and gossip in real time, as things are happening.  All in bursts of 140 characters or less.
  • Putting Facebook into Perspective
    It’s all about staying connected. Facebook is about me and my history. It’s about who a person is as a manifestation of their photos, friends and brand associations. Users craft a personal brand identity from the content they share and the way in which they interact.  It creates a personal archive comprised of various media types, allowing users to see their brand story evolving 
over time.  F...

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