FactSet Research Systems Inc., trading as FactSet, is a multinational financial data and software company headquartered in Norwalk, CT, United States. The company provides financial information and analytic software for investment professionals. For fiscal year 2016, FactSet's annual sales were $1.13 billion.

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  • When you hold your clients’ futures in your hands, you are driven by information. Information that uncovers opportunity, makes connections, and provides answers that help you win and retain business. We know in a world of unpredictability, advantage is everything. See the advantage with FactSet.

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  • At FactSet we’re committed to helping investment professionals seize opportunity sooner. We combine the world of big data with your data and our own and deliver the results of our robust analytics to wherever your ideas take you. With fresher perspectives, more informed insights, and the support of our dedicated specialists, you can get from data to decision first.

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  • Fixed Income and Multi-Asset Class Analytics: Finding Clarity in Complexity

    Investment managers are under immense pressure to perform. With threats from passive investment choices, historically low interest rates, and an increasingly regulated environment, finding yield is more important—and more complex—than ever before. Watch this video to learn how multi-asset class analytics can provide clarity in this ever-changing, complex world.

  • Solutions for Wealth Managers

    FactSet's solution for wealth managers combines portfolio, markets, and multi-asset class security analysis all in a single, intuitive platform.

  • Ensure Your Multi-Asset Class Workflow Goes Uninterrupted

    Recent disruption in the multi-asset class market is real, unprecedented, and likely driving you to reevaluate your firm’s data, risk, and attribution solutions—which is no easy task. We understand. FactSet can help ensure your investment process and productivity go undisturbed, even in the face of significant industry changes.

  • FactSet's Evolution of Analytics

    Leverage FactSet's decades of industry-leading portfolio analytics experience to deliver the complex insights your clients are demanding. Learn more at http://solutions.factset.com/globalassetcoverage

  • Can ESG Add Alpha?

    Interest in Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) integration has grown considerably over the past few years, but some institutional investors remain concerned that the inclusion of ESG factors in their process may come at the cost of weaker risk-adjusted returns. Recent research finds that this performance trade-off does not always occur and that ESG factors may add alpha. During this prese...

  • ETFs in 2015: Three Themes Changing the Market

    In 2015, the pace of product proliferation in ETFs has accelerated. With over 1700 funds now trading in the U.S. alone, several key product development trends are mistaking the best practices of ETF traders and due diligence groups. In this presentation, FactSet’s Director of Exchange Traded Funds, Dave Nadig, tackles how investors should think about: Smart Beta: Is it a mouse trap? Or just a tr...

  • Leverage the FactSet-Advent Partnership to Outperform

    When it comes to managing portfolio data, there is no one size fits all approach. The magnitude of information and demand for unique workflows make it difficult for investment professionals to get the data they need, when and how they need it. During this webcast, we will walk through a case study that features FactSet's unique partnership with Advent: a two-way collaboration that covers a wide...

  • Transforming Information Into Intelligence with FactSet

    Clients and senior leaders describe the evolution of FactSet over the last decade, including analytics, data, and client service.

  • Four Ways to Navigate the IPO Market

    From an IPO calendar to Idea Screening, FactSet can help save you time in your IPO research process. Our March 2015 Emerging Ideas webcast. Learn more at www.factset.com/emergingideas.

  • Cutting Costs While Boosting Returns

    Learn how FactSet can help your firm connect different user groups , improve your research process, and manage the ever-changing regulatory compliance landscape.

  • Maximizing the value of historical returns

    Past performance is not an indicator of future results, but there is value in understanding the historical behavior and interrelationship of asset classes. This webcast explores different ways to slice historical data using FactSet's latest addition to the Portfolio Analytics suite. Learn how you can streamline your asset allocation workflow, and simulate shocks to that data so you can anticipate ...

  • Made for Traders

    Why do Traders choose FactSet? Traders rely on FactSet to stay connected to their portfolio managers, receive market-moving news with StreetAccount, and collaborate with their peers using FactSet Instant Messenger. FactSet has become an indispensable tool on the trading desk, combining global real-time news and quotes with in-depth analytics, to easily discover liquidity, make faster investment de...

  • Alpha Research: A practitioner's guide to constructing stock selection models
  • FactSet: Made for Outperformers

    See how FactSet can help asset managers outperform the competition. Request a free trial. FactSet.com/freetrial

  • Fuel for Outperformers

    Rely on accurate data with FactSet DataFeeds.

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