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  • Webinar: Predictive Digital Advertising

    In this webinar you will learn how to connect the dots from Fliptop predictive scores to Facebook and LinkedIn Marketing to build predictive digital advertising. Leveraging predictive analytics you can advertise to the leads that matter to your business

  • Fliptop - NewVoiceMedia Looks to Predictive Marketing to Meet Aggressive Growth Targets

    NewVoiceMedia, a cloud-based contact solutions company, had aggressive targets growth and revenue targets. Looking to grow more than 100% year on year—all without adding headcount and or drastically increasing marketing budget—they devised a strategic marketing plan, heavily supported by new and emerging marketing technologies. In building their advanced marketing technology stack, NewVoiceMedia ...

  • Fliptop Customer Showcase Webinar - How InsideView Doubled Their Lead to MQL Conversion Rate

    InsideView is part of a new wave of innovative companies using Fliptop’s predictive lead scoring to meet aggressive revenue goals. InsideView looked to Fliptop to help remove the guesswork from their lead qualification process and improve conversion rates to book more meetings. InsideView integrated Fliptop into their sales and marketing process to: Increased lead-to-MQL conversion rate by...

  • Webinar: Integrating Predictive Lead Scoring in your Marketo

    Predictive lead scoring ("PLS") has grown into a hot topic in 2014. SiriusDecisions reports that there are nearly 14 times more B2B organizations using PLS today than in 2011. If you are thinking about PLS but are unsure where to start, join this webinar as we cover how can you implement PLS in your Marketo and see improvements in your conversion and win rates.

  • Dreamforce Presentation - Fliptop + InsideView

    Fliptop presentation at Dreamforce 2014, learn how InsideView improved conversion and win rates leveraging marketing data intelligence and predictive lead scoring

  • The Quest for the Holy Grail: Driving Predictable Revenue

    Do you want to significantly boost predictable revenue, the holy grail of SaaS companies? Of course you do! Register for this information-packed session to discover how TrackMaven, a competitive intelligence and analysis company for digital marketers, was able to leverage Marketo and Fliptop, a predictive lead scoring company, to meet their lofty sales goals. Join this month’s LaunchPoint webin...

  • Predict 2014, Doug Camplejohn Welcome to Predict

    Why are we here talking about B2B marketing and data? The fact is that it’s 2014, yet most B2B sales & marketing is still a guessing game. We throw money at different programs to see what sticks. We assign best guess scores to activities in our marketing automation systems. We use “rules of thumb” to see if we’re going to make our number for the quarter.

  • Predict 2014, Norman Happ Precision Marketing in a Sea of Opportunity

    Predict presentation, Precision Marketing in a Sea of Opportunity

  • Predict 2014, Sean Ellis Growth Hacking for B2B Marketers


  • Predict 2014, SiriusDecisions Kerry Cunningham

    Increasing the odds: The conditions and correlates for predictive lead scoring success

  • Predict 2014, Brian Kelly of InsideView, Marketing to Marketers - How We Do It

    Marketing to Marketers - How We Do It

  • Predict 2014 - Account Based Marketing with Peter Isaacson of Demandbase

    Bridging the Great Divide: Sales and Marketing Alignment at B2B software companies.

  • How to integrate python into a scala stack
  • Webinar: Predictive Lead Scoring - What Makes It So Predictive?

    Predictive lead scoring allows marketing and sales teams to unlock the potential of the data in their CRM and Marketing Automation. With predictive lead scoring, sales teams can better prioritize their leads and opportunities and marketing can see which campaigns bring in the highest quality leads in real time. But what does predictive really mean? And what makes it predictive? Watch this webi...

  • Webinar: True Cost of Calling Every Lead

    Many sales and marketing teams establish an agreement that all leads must be called. Yet as inbound lead volume increases this can be unachievable without adding more and more headcount to call all the leads. There’s a better way.

  • Webinar: The Science of Predictive Lead Scoring

    Predictive lead scoring can tap into the wealth of data in CRM and marketing automation tools. Dan Chiao, VP of Engineering for Fliptop demonstrates the science behind predictive analytics and how you can leverage it for your enterprise. We will cover: What is predictive lead scoring? How does it apply to B2B companies? What you can do to start using predictive lead scoring today?

  • Big Data Will Change Our World

    A look at big data beyond the buzzword, explaining its growing role in our lives, and its growing importance in real world scenarios - from policing to box office returns. With the growth of connected devices, augmented reality and the quantified self, big data is almost certainly more than a buzzword.

  • Marketer's Time Saving Survey

    The one thing that seems to bother almost all marketers is the lack of time they have to execute campaigns properly. Perhaps it’s not so much that traditional media is broken, as that marketers aren’t given enough time to focus on great execution. We surveyed 120 marketers across America and the UK to see what their most common problems were.

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