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  • Handshake’s Series B: More Funding, More Partners, More Opportunity

    Today, I’m very excited to welcome a new partner to Handshake! Spark Capital is leading our $20m Series B investment, with all current investors participating, and Megan Quinn is joining our board. We’re particularly excited for Megan and her Spark partners to join the Handshake team because of their deep commitment to our mission to democratize opportunity. At Handshake, we know from experience ...

  • Our Experience Migrating to React

    We are in the process of migrating our front end from server rendered views with jQuery and Knockout (KO) sprinkled on top to TypeScript and React. It’s been a few months now since we started going down this path and we’ve shipped some big updates in our new stack. We’ve learned a lot and are excited to share our experience adopting this tech because we know it’s something a lot of companies are e...

  • Blazing Fast Builds with Buildkite

    Handshake ships new code multiple times a day, continuously. This fast deployment pace allows us to build and maintain features quickly and safely, but also pushes the build process to its limits. One of these limits is the test suite. When doing continuous delivery, a fast test suite becomes paramount. As our CI continued to slow with new features and CI checks, we started to look into alternativ...

  • Start Your Career Planning with Handshake

    Students are comfortable with the Handshake platform, which “looks a lot like Facebook-meets-Pinterest,” says Meredyth Thomas, director of career services at SHA. BU’s career centers have a new way to help you get a firm grip on your future, whether you’re an incoming freshman, a senior, a graduate student, or even an alum.

  • How We Use Knockout

    Here at Handshake, we’ve been successfully using Knockout in production for several years. In a codebase the size of ours, one of the major difficulties is balancing maintainability with the ability to make changes quickly. A key strength of Knockout is its focused approach to the presentation layer. This makes it easy and fast to surgically add interaction to a view, especially if the view is pri...

  • Virtual University Career Center on Heroku Helps Students Nationwide Find Jobs

    “The Handshake platform is built primarily on Rails, with one small internal app on Phoenix that allowed the team to experiment and learn more about Elixir. Their front-end uses Turbolinks and Knockout.js, although the team is currently transitioning front-end code to Typescript and React.”

  • Fraudulent Employers

    Approving an employer to post jobs at your school can seem like a simple process. Theoretically, all employers requesting approval should come to your school bearing career-building opportunities for your students, but always be sure to ask “Can I trust this employer with my students’ information?” The term “fraudulent employer” can take on many different meanings. Sometimes, it means that the co...

  • Testing a Rails Project Structure, Dependencies and More

    At Handshake we rely heavily on automated testing. This of course includes unit tests, integration tests, and UI testing which one might consider the “normal” tests for a web application. However, tests and specs are a very powerful tool that can go beyond just “normal”. Especially as an engineering team grows, writing specs for goals such as enforcing project structure, proper dependency manageme...

  • Tackling Flaky Capybara Tests

    At Handshake we heavily rely on automated testing to protect against regressions and to give us confidence and speed when writing and deploying code. Some of the technologies we use to test our code include RSpec, Capybara, FactoryGirl, and occasionally Selenium. As our application grew over time and we moved towards a component-based architecture, we saw an increase in flaky tests. Flaky tests ar...

  • Handshake is proud to announce our $10.5m Series A funding, led by Kleiner Perkins.

    Partnering with Kleiner Perkins to help every student find the right job, from the snowy tundra of Michigan to Silicon Valley Three years ago, I was frustrated by how difficult it was for my college friends and I to plan our careers and find great jobs. So I started Handshake with a simple and very personal goal: To help every college student find the right job for them, no matter where they go ...

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