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  • CAD Engineering Services: Beam Mesh in Solidwork Simulation FE Analysis

    The beam models are simplest by geometry point of view but don’t think they are easy in FE Analysis. To do FE Analysis with beam element is a milestone for each designer. This mesh we use for beam like model having beam like structure with length considerably long as compared to its cross section.  The […]

  • Engineering CAD Services: Opening & Zooming Your Drawings in AutoCAD

    AutoCAD is used in computer aided design and drafting services. Now open your program, click on the Open Files tab below the Start Drawing icon. This is just like a Windows Files Dialog Box, except that on the right is a large preview box in which you can see an enlarged thumbnail of the drawing […]

  • Solidworks Simulation FE Analysis: Shell Mesh

    This mesh type is used for thin shape parts in FE Analysis. Typical example is sheet metal parts or all the parts having thickness 5% or less of length or width. The basic shape of shell element is triangle. Shell mesh is also of two types: draft quality shell mesh and high quality shell mesh. […]

  • Solidwork Simulation FE Analysis: Solid Mesh

    This mesh we use for solid model having potato like bulky shape and not thin like sheet metal part. The basic shape of solid model in solidworks is tetrahedron. There are two types of solid mesh that are high quality and draft quality. High Quality solid mesh is default mesh for solid models. It has […]

  • AutoCAD computer aided design & drafting: customize your cursor

    Now that you understand the layout of AutoCAD we can start looking into the serious stuff that makes life easier for you and helps you stay on your coordinates. Starting with the cursor, which you know is used for selection and movement on the drawing, but how to make it more advanced and informative? Turn […]

  • Solidworks Simulation FE Analysis: Different Mesh Types

    Solidworks simulation offers you different mesh type to use for your FEA Analysis. Now question is why different mesh types for FEA Analysis and the answer is simple, Accuracy and speed. Different FEA analysis types has different nature and each mesh type supports a specific type of analysis situation. It is very important to select […]

  • AutoCAD computer aided design & drafting: Knowing Your user interface & Tools

    When you are a new user to anything, you seem lost and confused. Most of the things do not make sense and you just wish you had some pointers on how to walk through that maze. Well Autodesk has answered your prayer, and using its software AutoCAD will be like a walk in the part […]

  • Plastic Injection molding Services: 3D Printing with Laminated Object Manufacturing

    Laminated Object Manufacturing (LOM) is also used for rapid prototyping in plastic injection molding companies. It is very cost effective way of building a prototype by laying down sheets of material which are bonded adhesively with each other. Working: In LOM process a layer or sheet of material with heated glue is rolled on building platform. […]

  • Autocad computer aided design & drafting: How to Zoom RealTime & Saving Real Time

    In the last blog we started with opening a new drawing and made all the way to zoom into a drawing enabling you to work in detail on an object or drawing, or a part of a drawing. As important as this is, but most of the time you will have to go to your previous […]

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