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  • Top 5 VFX films of 2016

    VFX is here, there, and everywhere. There are hardly any movies today that do not use visual effects, at least, in parts. This year too we had our share of VFX treat. We look at the top five VFX films of 2016 that made a lasting impact. The Jungle Book Walt Disney’s The Jungle Book has already made it to the top five of Oscar’s predicted nominations list for the Best Visual Effects category. And a...

  • 5 top job opportunities for a visual designer

    As the name suggests, visual designers are hired by all kinds of companies that require visual communication. It could be an ad agency or a corporate company. If there is need for visual design communication, then there is a job opportunity. We look at some job industries that typically hire a visual designer. Advertising agencies Visual designers are responsible for product design & advertisement...

  • 5 top job opportunities for a graphic designer

    Work for a design company or start your own studio, the choice is yours. This is the flexibility of being a graphic designer. The career options are plenty. We list five job profiles that you can take up if you are a graphic designer. Advertising art director If you are the advertising art director the basically, you’re the big boss. The advertising art director works along with the copywriter(s) ...

  • 6 animated short films to watch to pep up your mood

    Need something to pep up your mood? But don’t have much time? What better way than to watch a short film! The popularity of short films is on the rise, thanks to increasing users on the internet, and the growing interest in web-series’. The availability of these films for little or no charge has only added to the demand. We list six animation short films that will turn that frown upside down. Zero...

  • VFX breakdown of Doctor Strange

    While we wait for Sherlock, Benedict Cumberbatch steals our hearts as the unfriendly and egoistical neurosurgeon, Dr. Strange. Of course, this marvel wonder could not have been strange without visual effects. Read on, as we bring you the VFX breakdown of Doctor Strange. The story Eminent neurosurgeon, Dr. Stephen Vincent Strange lives a normal life until he meets with a car accident and loses the ...

  • How visual effects in horror films helped Hollywood

    Horror films and VFX go hand-in-hand. Since the early days of film, right from Méliès to the latest Saw movie, visual effects have always been an important part of bringing stitched together exhumed corpses, and the undead chewing down on a man’s interior to the big screen. So following the Halloween season, we thought of taking a look at the evolution of visual effects in horror films. Early film...

  • Top 5 comic book publishers to look out for & why

    When you think of comics, you think of Marvel and DC, at least for most of us. But did you know that there are a plethora of comic book publishers out there for you to explore. We list 5 comic book publishers you should be keeping an eye on this year. Boom! Studios The company that was founded in 2005 by Ross Richie is one that should be on your radar. Any comic book enthusiast will tell you about...

  • Why should you watch Fantastic Beasts & Where to Find Them?

    Even before Chetan Bhagat took credit for making people read again, there was another author who had started the process with a lot of success (and good writing). J.K Rowling, and her Harry Potter series, encouraged an entire generation of people to start reading. So it is only obvious that when her writing is adapted for the big screen, we make a beeline. Come November, and we will be counting da...

  • VFX breakdown of Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children

    If you like Edward Scissorhands, The Nightmare before Christmas, Sweenie Todd & Frankenweenie, you must have loved Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children. It is a classic Tim Burton movie in his characteristic Goth-fantasy style. Although his star performer, Johnny Depp is missing from the cast, his distinct style is evident throughout the film. We take you through the VFX breakdown of Miss P...

  • VFX breakdown of Mirzya

    Mirzya opened last week to mixed reviews. But one thing that no one could deny was the sheer brilliance of the VFX & production design team. The movie recreated the legend of Mirza-Sahiban, and each frame was pure delight to watch. We look at the VFX breakdown of Rakeysh Omprakash Mehra’s new adventure. The story Mirzya is an epic love story set in Rajasthan. As mentioned, it is inspired by the le...


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  • John Lasseter’s principles of animation

    John Lasseter can easily be considered the father of modern 3D animation. With Pixar & Toy Story, he revolutionised the 3D animation industry. Over the years, Lasseter has become a force to reckon in the 3D animation industry, and swears by seven principles. We give you Lasseter’s principles of animation. Principle #1 Never come up with just one idea Whether a short film (Pixar is famous for their...

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