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  • Who’s getting ready for Advertising Week?

    Me! Advertising Week is a moment for the media, marketing and advertising community to come together in NYC – delight in new tech and innovation, communicate and unite. Industry leaders share what they have learned in the past year, and, more importantly, have the opportunity to share what has changed. Because the game keeps changing What we consume, interact with, and let into our increasingly …

  • “$600 per lead: The Difference Between the Best and the Worst”

    Bad data can cost you more than no data at all for 3 reasons: you’re wasting your time on old data, you’re flooding your CRM with unqualified leads, and you’re going to hurt your email sender score. In fact, as Brian Carroll, Executive Director of Revenue Optimization at MECLABs said in the B2B Lead Roundtable blog, “the difference between the best- and worst-performing lists was almost $600 …