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  • Proud of my Alma Mater

    I have recently been hearing many stories of academics who have been stranded outside the US after the immigration ban. As scholars, we appreciate the ability to share new discoveries with each other by cross-pollinating our knowledge bases with each other through travel. It’s painful...

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  • Adventurous New York

    New York is the city “that never sleeps,” and with good reason. Every moment of every hour, something is happening. It helps to be a night owl, but even if you aren’t, there is something for everyone in the Big Apple. You could spend an...

  • New York City for the Seasoned Traveler

    The European settlement of New York (formerly known as New Amsterdam) began with a Dutch settlement in 1609. During the Revolutionary War, the British seized control until 1783, making it a magnet for Loyalists. Eventually, it became the nation’s capital until the center of power...

  • New York Street Food

    New York has been and still is a city of immigrants who bring their culture – and food – with them from their homeland. Variety is the word when it comes to street food in New York. Food trucks are all the rage even now;...

  • Paris for Seasoned Travelers

    Paris is the city of lights, the city for lovers, the city of culture, art, music, and amazing food. It is the epitome of sophistication. Seasoned travelers will find almost too many things to do, but a few carefully selected places and events will make...

  • Sophisticated Delights of Berlin

    The earliest record of people living in Berlin dates back nearly one thousand years. In the 13th century, the towns of Berlin and Köln existed side-by-side. They merged in the early 14th century. While there were periods of oppression in Berlin, there were also periods...

  • 2017 Sabbatical Homes Book Fair – call for entries!

    We enjoy highlighting our members’ accomplishments. Have you written a book recently? We’d love to include your work in our 2017 Book Fair. Please contact us and let us know! Be sure to include the following details: Author’s name Book title A short synopsis of...

  • How to make work for you

    If you work in academia or a related scholarly field and wish to travel for sabbatical, research, or conference in another region or even another country, consider In order to get a feel for what we do an who we serve, the best thing...

  • Should I Request a Home Rental Security Deposit?

    We recently heard from a homeowner who lists her newly refurbished attic room with ensuite home share in London on The comfortable, sunny space is perfect to a researcher or a PhD student. She has always been excited to open her home to others to have a more...

  • Family Fun in Auckland, New Zealand

    Planning a sabbatical down under? Auckland, New Zealand is a great destination for families who love spectacular outdoor life and enriching educational experiences. The scenery is breathtaking and the people are friendly. There are new adventures waiting right outside your door and others just a...

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  • Coming Soon: An Updated Website for

    We’ve been busy creating an updated look and feel for Over the years we’ve gotten great feedback and ideas from our members and we’re working hard to make them a reality. There are some great new features headed your way soon. Contributors like you...

  • Founder on the Move: Meeting Daniel Andler in France

    Why Professor Andler thinks SH is a gracious service. I had the pleasure of meeting Sabbatical Homes member Daniel Andler when I was in Paris this past July. As professor emeritus at Université Paris-Sorbonne, Daniel is a philosopher of science and a cognitive scientist, still...

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