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  • The end of the Safari

    After arriving in Asuncion, the capital of Paraguay, with Nina on Friday night, research for the car sale commenced the next morning. I had three hours between when the dealerships open and when they closed for the weekend at noon, … Continue reading →

  • Back to the real Latin America

    Early on in the trip, we had decided that we would finish in Paraguay, not because it is necessarily one of the most interesting countries in South America, but because we had heard that it was possible to sell our … Continue reading →

  • Culture and civilization

    After a rather comfortable 3000km drive up the coast, we arrived in Buenos Aires in the afternoon with beautiful blue skies and warmth. Our first order of business was arranging an apartment. With all the uncertainty in Punta Arenas and … Continue reading →

  • Up the east coast of Argentina to Buenos Aires

    Guest post by Nina Ramm-Schmidt Slightly disappointed not having completed the car selling task in Punta Arenas, but at the same time happy to be back in our “home” again, we hit the road north on to the 3000 km … Continue reading →

  • Punta Arenas, to sell the Safari?

    It was the beginning of the end: time to work on the problem of what to do with the Safari. Information on how to get rid of a car in South America is fairly hard to come by. Random mentions … Continue reading →

  • End of the road

    From Puerto Natales in Chile, where we relaxed after our hiking trip to Torres del Paine national park, we cruised down an excellent paved highway to Punta Delgada, where we took the short 30min ferry to the Island of Tierra … Continue reading →

  • Hiking Patagonia

    Nestled between Argentina, the Pacific, and huge ice fields in the far south of Chile is Chile’s most famous national park: Torres del Paine (Which happens to be quite near to Argentina’s Los Glaciares). At 51 degrees south of the … Continue reading →

  • Parque Nacional Los Glaciares

    After days of driving which tortured the Safari and wrecked our tires on Argentinian Patagonia’s western frontier, we finally reached the country’s most famous national park: Parque Nacional Los Glaciares. The gateway to the park is the town of El … Continue reading →

  • More Patagonia on the way to Los Glaciares

    Continuing south on the western edge of Argentinian Patagonia, just south of the town of Perito Moreno, the Argentinian government is slowly working on paving Ruta 40, so the Safari and us got a little bit of respite from the … Continue reading →

  • Stones, gravel, and cut tires on Ruta 40 South

    My hands were black from grease and gasolina residue, and my nails were full of dirt. Everything was covered in a thick layer of dust. The Safari started to drive more unevenly than usual on the rutted gravel – or … Continue reading →

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