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  • SafetyGear Online is known for providing the best in top quality safety gear and apparel to the hard working, dedicated professional men and women of the construction industry. When you are working on a road crew, or as part of a team of first responders, individual protection and visibility are vital to maintaining the safety […]
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  • SafetyGear Online is proud to offer the diligent, hard working men and women of the construction industry the best in high quality safety clothing and safety vests by ML Kishigo, featuring both the dynamic Brilliant Series and the powerful Premium Black Series. When it comes to road construction, visibility is crucial to maintaining worker safety. […]
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  • SafetyGear Online is proud to feature safety apparel and gear by 3A Safety Groups, Inc. Based in Chico, California, 3A Safety Groups, Inc. is a leading manufacturer of high visibility apparel, safety equipment, and gear designed to protect workers from hazards while on the job.   One of the product categories that 3A Safety specializes […]
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  • In the face of an emergency or similar situation, incident command or incident management is paramount to creating and establishing an on-site management system capable of organizing teams and enacting processes to handle the various factors unique to an emergency. The integration of personnel, equipment, facilities, procedures, and communication lines within a common organizational structure […]
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  • First responders – policemen, firemen, emergency medical technicians (EMTs) and others professionally trained to respond immediately to the scene of an emergency to provide assistance – need (and deserve) the assurance of safety and protection from harm themselves, especially when working on or around high traffic areas such as highways and freeways. Providing proper highway […]
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  • Construction sites are dynamic, high-activity areas and have the potential to be dangerous places to work. In fact, construction work is considered one of the most dangerous professions. From the moment one steps on site, hazards are present. Tools, equipment, machinery, and materials are the standard on any site, and require care when working with […]
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  • Hi Visibility Winter Head Gear for the Winter

    As the temperatures start dropping with the winter season approaching, not only should you be wearing a jacket or boots, you should also remember to dress your head and keep it warm. Most hats are adequate at keeping your head warm all day long, but you also need the added element of a hi visibility […]

  • Choosing the Right Winter Safety Coat for Outdoor Work

    Knowing how to do your job properly isn’t the only thing you need to think about when you’re on the job site. You also need to ensure that you’re kept safe and comfortable, no matter what industry you hail from. But working around motorists poses an added level of danger compared to many other types […]

  • The Ultimate in Comfort and Visibility With Hi Vis Clothing

    When it’s frigidly freezing outdoors and your job takes place outside, having hi vis clothing on is the only way to go when it comes to ensuring the ultimate in safety and comfort while on the job. No matter what season it happens to be, it’s critical to ensure maximum visibility. But in the winter, […]

  • Stay Safe on the Job: Working in Heavy Traffic

    Everyone seems to be in a rush these days, which we can clearly see on the roads around us. Heavy traffic poses plenty of risks, especially to people who work on roadsides. Keeping job sites free and clear of motorized traffic is not always possible, which can pose a real threat to those working on […]

  • Hi-Visibility Workwear: Making the Workplace Safer

    When it comes to working on the job — no matter what industry it happens to be in — safety should always be priority number one. Certain types of jobs face more hazards than others when it comes to risking being struck by motorists or others on the job that are operating heavy machinery. Jobs […]

  • Hi-Visibility Apparel for Low-Light and Roadside Construction Sites

    Working in low light and on roadside construction sites can be a potentially dangerous situation if the right precautions aren’t taken. Each year, many workers that work under these conditions sustain injuries, many of which are fatal. Any construction workers, emergency personnel, law enforcement officers, and highway and pavement workers are in a vulnerable position […]

  • The Importance of Hi Visibility Apparel on the Job

    Being employed and earning a living should never come at the expense of a person’s safety. There are certain jobs out there that require an added level of safety measures in order to ensure complete security while on the job. Any scenario where there are passing motorists or people operating large pieces of machinery or […]

  • Who Should Be Wearing Hi Visibility Apparel?

    It’s not uncommon to see construction workers on a job site or roadside workers wearing orange, yellow or green neon apparel. You may have even noticed paramedics, police officers, or crossing guards wearing such types of apparel too. The reasons that they wear this type of clothing are obvious: to be clearly seen by passing […]

  • Top Causes of Construction Accidents and How to Prevent Them

    The top causes of fatalities from construction workplace accidents are falls, electrocution, being struck by an object, and being caught in-between objects. These accidents can be greatly reduced with better safety procedures including making sure the workers are wearing safety apparel appropriate to the job. Here are some ways to prevent these accidents. Falls Most […]

  • Types of Safety Apparel

    Safety apparel for the workplace is included in the extensive range of personal protective equipment, or PPE. PPE is designed to protect the worker and covers people who work inside and outside and under all conditions. There are extensive guidelines for this equipment that can greatly reduce accidents. Here are some of the different types […]
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