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  • Michelle Harris Global Green Consumers

    Michelle Harris is a television personality, actor and activist. She is the host and co-producer of ALIVE & WELL with Michelle Harris, America’s premiere TV show for modern sustainable living. This award-winning half-hour lifestyle series is currently syndicated nationwide. Alive & Well inspires viewers with health, wellness and green living! Alive & Well® Host Michelle Harris is one of televisi...

  • Erin Schrode Global Green Consumers

    Erin Schrode is a citizen activist, journalist, and community organizer for environmental action, social justice, public health, and responsible consumption. . At the age of 13, She Co-founded her organization” Turning Green” and by 24 she ran for Congress . A leading voice for over a decade, Erin has been featured in and tapped as an expert for the New York Times, CNN, National Geographi...

  • Alexandra Zissu Global Green Consumers

    Joining us from her kitchen, is Alexandra Zissu author green living expert environmental health journalist eco consultant speaker mom Alexandra was a writer for the New York Times and other prestigious news publications, but her eldest daughter turned her into an “eco obsessed” Author

  • Andy Keller Recording

    Andy Keller is the Founder and CEO of ChicoBag, but you may know also know him as the Bag Monster. Andy’s mission is to help humanity “bag the single-use habit” by raising awareness and providing alternatives for consumers.

  • Marci Zaroff Global Green Consumers

    We have the honor to welcome internationally recognized lifestyle expert Marci Zaroff—who coined the term Eco-Fashion to the Global Green Consumer Summit. Marci is the founder of the sustainable brands Meta wear and Under the Canopy and is also the executive producer of the documentary called “Threads”.

  • Diane Big Green Purse - Global Green Consumers

    Diane MacEachern is the CEO and Founder of Big Green Purse. She is an award-winning entrepreneur and best-selling author of “Big Green Purse: Use Your Spending Power to Create a Cleaner, Greener World”. Diane is passionate about empowering people to use their consumer power to protect the environment. She has proven time and time again that going green doesn’t have to cost you money, it can save y...

  • Ben Gleisner

    Choose Your World Through Your Purchases Do you ever wonder how you can be a conscious consumer but don’t know where to start? Have no fear, Ben Gleisner is here! Today’s interview is with Ben Gleisner, CEO and Co-Founder of Conscious Consumers in New Zealand. In this interview, Ben will be sharing with you his inside tips on becoming a conscious consumer. Conscious Consumers connects businesses...

  • Marcus Eriksen Global Green Consumers

    Sailing the Seas in Search of Plastic Have you ever dreamed of traveling the seven seas? Or seeing the great, mysterious Pacific Garbage Patch? If so, you’re in for a treat. Today’s interview is with Dr. Marcus Eriksen, the Director of Research for The 5 Gyres Institute. In this interview, Marcus will take you through his ocean expeditions. You will get to hear how The 5 Gyres Institute started ...

  • Tim Silverwood- Global Green Consumer Summit

    What is your personal vision of paradise? Is it a serene beach scene with a hammock, a mountain landscape with fresh fallen snow, or is it finding time to relax on your couch and read a good book? For one Australia surfer, his vision of paradise is a plastic-free ocean. Today's interview is with Tim Silverwood, CEO and Co-Founder of Take 3 for the Sea. In this interview, Tim will share with you h...

  • Claire Allard - Global Green Consumers

    Did you know that the average American eats out about 4 times per week? This has led to Americans generating 3.2 million tons of food to-go packaging, even more alarming is that less than 1% of that is recycled. Today we are joined by Claire Allard, a rocket scientist turned ecopreneur. Claire will be sharing with you the startling waste statistics surrounding the food industry and her solution fo...

  • Lucy Lou - Global Green Consumers

    When you think of the 'American Dream' you may picture a white picket fence, a large amount of money, or the hottest new car. Over the years, it has shifted and grown to match our consumerism. Today we will learn about a different dream, more specifically the 'China Dream'. With China's rapidly growing population, they need to find ways in which they can still thrive, but without harming the plane...

  • Peter Knights- Global Green Consumers

    In this interview, Peter will be sharing his tips on how YOU can help stop the illegal wildlife trade. You will learn how WildAid has partnered with celebrities across the globe to provide one unifying message: “When the buying stops, the killing can too.” Peter will also provide you with the tips you need to avoid endangered wildlife products and how you can become a voice for those who need one ...

  • Rob Greenfield talking Trash

    Featuring: Discovery Channel's Rob Greenfield In this interview, Rob will be sharing that trash shouldn’t be thought of as “out of sight, out of mind”. You will get to see him wearing his suit of trash, showing just how much waste we create daily and how it accumulates. Rob will walk you through the steps to becoming a conscious consumer and how to make the connection between a processed diet an...

  • Ian Singleton BONUS Show and Tell

    One of our best Show and Tell videos! Dr. Ian Singleton surprises us with this powerful image.

  • Daniel James- Global Green Consumer Series

    Are you traveling this holiday season? Is your New Year’s resolution to get out there and see the world? Tourism is a multi-million-dollar industry for communities around the globe, but how do we make sure local communities get the most out of our tourism dollars? Daniel James answers that question and more in today’s interview. Learn how you can become an eco-traveler and how it doesn't have to c...

U.S. Green Chamber of Commerce

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  • Green Consumers Series: We Are the Ones in Charge

      By Chris Kane     Everyone needs a little inspiration right now. I got mine today when I listened to Alexandra Zissu, author of The Conscious Kitchen and one of the most passionate people I’ve heard in a very long time about what we put in our bodies. Alexandra was a guest on the […]

  • Green Consumers Series: My Greatest Fear

      By Chris Kane     My greatest fear is not falling off the ends of the Earth or getting sucked into a giant sinkhole—however, I do live in Florida, so getting sucked into a giant sinkhole is a possibility. No, my greatest fear today is that people won’t stand up and fight the good […]

  • Sustainability in a Digital World

      by Katina Peters & Megan Spicer   As a small or midsized business owner, you likely know how important sustainability is, both for your own business and for the network in which you operate. Chances are you have already taken steps to reduce waste, water and energy in your workplace, but perhaps there are […]

  • “It’s not just about a car—it’s about who we are”

      By Shannon Liang This week, I interviewed Howard Lim, Brand Advisor for the U.S. Green Chamber of Commerce and president of his own company, HOW Creative.  After some technology difficulties with Skype on my end, I was finally greeted with an unfamiliar, yet friendly face in the small screen of my laptop. I welcomed […]

  • U.S. Green Chamber of Commerce Respects All

        It takes only 5 seconds to help create a society of mutual respect.  Today is the United Nations’ Human Rights Day- join us and may others by signing the pledge and using the “We Respect All” icon. The U.S. Green Chamber of Commerce and each member of our team have signed the “We Respect All” […]

U.S. Green Chamber of Commerce

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  • Local Politics and Green Business Forum—Building a Better San Diego

    Event Title: Local Politics and Green Business Forum—Building a Better San Diego When: Thursday, October 16, 2016 from 6:30 – 8:30 pm Where: Center for Sustainable Energy, 9325 Sky Park Ct #100, San Diego, CA 92123   CLICK HERE TO SIGN UP! Description: Join the U.S. Green Chamber of Commerce’s San Diego Chapter and community leaders at […]

U.S. Green Chamber of Commerce

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