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  • Importing vBulletin 4 CMS Articles into WordPress

    For vBulletin 4 owners who utilize the CMS aspect of vBulletin, there are no current converters for migrating vBulletin 4 CMS Articles into WordPress as Posts. If you intend to use WordPress as your primary software platform and you have hundreds if not thousands of vB4 CMS Articles you will definitely want to import all...

  • Importing Forum Software into WordPress Forum using BBPress

    With WordPress powering nearly 25% of the web, it’s safe to say that its popularity coupled with ease-of-use and vast plugin support make it a primary contender and choice of many website owners. For many years other software such and Bulletin Board software reigned supreme more so in the years prior to social media sites...

  • Google Pagespeed Insights

    Many site owners are familiar with or at least heard of Google Analytics however some are not aware of Google’s Pagespeed Insights! This tool is very useful in helping you improve page loading times (speed per say) and it also checks normal designs along with mobile devices as well. From Google’s information page regarding PSI:...

  • Google Analytics UI Changes and Improvements

    Some site owners have noticed recently that there have been changes to Google Analytics UI (User Interface) and more such as security improvements in regards to browser use, namely that Firefox and similar browsers are not compliant with how the information is displayed securely therefor will not display the analytics content for review. Let’s review...

  • LiteSpeed Cache and Xenforo

    Every forum owner wants a lot of posts but high post counts and traffic can bring a large forum to a crawl in peak hours. The falling cost of SSD’s has helped considerably but a good caching scheme is mandatory. LiteSpeed in conjunction with the admins at XenForo has come up with what looks to...

  • How To Verify That Your Server Meets New PayPal SSL Requirements

    Stricter security standards are the norm and PayPal is upgrading the SSL certificates used to secure their sites and API endpoints. The new SSL certificates standards need to be signed using the SHA-256 algorithm and 2048-bit G5 Root Certificate. The changes were originally scheduled to take place by June 17, 2016. However, I believe that...

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