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  • The Destination Marketing Association International (DMAI) Annual Convention is the event for marketing and management professionals. Get more info on VR for destinations, along with our four big takeaways from the event:

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  • "Fuera" is a virtual reality experience that invites you inside the music of Soft Glas. Finding itself somewhere between a live performance and an art installation, "Fuera" aims to translate the music into the environment that surrounds you. Credits: Music // Soft Glas Camera // Rakan Shaker VFX // Sultan Barodawala Directed by Soft Glas Produced by YouVisit Studios

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  • How Schools Can Use Virtual Reality in the Classroom

    Virtual reality has long been considered a vehicle for games and entertainment, but as the technology has moved more and more into the mainstream, its practical uses are starting to catch on outside of the gaming industry. Virtual reality is now assisting surgeons in the operating theater, automotive engineers in the design lab, and even astronauts in space and on the ground.

  • YouVisit Platform to Integrate with Leading CRM Providers

    We have exciting news to share! We’re hard at work integrating YouVisit’s platform with prominent CRM providers. After the integration is complete, inquires from prospective students will be automatically added to your CRM, so you can follow up with prospects faster and more efficiently.

  • 13 Must-Read Virtual Reality Quotes from Experts

    In the past two years, virtual reality has gone from an intriguing concept to a full-fledged marketing strategy. And, like most things, there are myriad opinions about VR. Below, we’ve collected some of our favorite virtual reality quotes from a variety of experts in the travel, education, and technology spaces.

  • How to Sell Your Boss on Virtual Reality

    You are excited about what virtual reality could mean for your company. You see its many uses and benefits, and you would love to implement a virtual reality strategy at work. The only problem is you need to get approval from your superiors for developing that strategy. So how do you speak to your boss about virtual reality?

  • Why Invest in Virtual Reality Experiential Marketing?

    Virtual reality is growing in several industries, but one of the most interesting uses so far is experiential marketing. This form of marketing enables potential consumers to interact with a product or with a company and allow that business to leave a more lasting impression. With virtual reality, the possibilities for engagement are endless.

  • Frequently Asked Questions About Virtual Reality—DMO Edition

    Virtual reality is becoming more mainstream everyday. In order to remain competitive, DMOs are starting to ask whether they should adopt virtual reality marketing to reach more potential visitors. To help, we’ve compiled some of the most common questions DMOs have about this new technology.

  • Film Talk Friday: What's Something You'd Like to See in Virtual Reality?

    We’re back on after a week break. This Friday, we spoke with VR Content Specialist Sultan Barodawala about what types of virtual reality experiences he wants to see in the future.

  • Virtual Reality Stats Marketers Can't Ignore [Infographic]

    Virtual reality marketing is growing, and doing so rapidly. Below, we’ve gathered key stats that brands and marketers should pay attention to as they map out their own plans for the tech.

  • 8 Virtual Reality Myths Debunked

    Virtual reality has received a lot of media attention over the past year, as major companies began using the new tech as a marketing tool. However, despite the deluge of information on virtual reality, businesses and brands still have questions. That is why we’re debunking eight virtual reality myths.

  • Frequently Asked Questions About Virtual Reality—College Edition

    Virtual reality is quickly changing the way colleges and universities recruit students. Below we answered some of the most common questions admissions professionals have about virtual reality.

  • 6 Facts About Generation Z Admission Professionals Need to Know

    Awhile back we spoke with Generation Z expert and Wright State University professor Corey Seemiller about what college admission professionals need to know about this growing student population. Since then, Seemiller co-wrote “Generation Z Goes to College” with Meghan Grace, a book that digs even deeper into the generation’s likes and dislikes. 

  • Film Talk Friday: How Is Virtual Reality Applicable to Everybody?

    This week, YouVisit Studio's Alex Pedigo, a VR content specialist, tackles a question that's top of mind for businesses and virtual reality enthusiasts: Is VR for everybody?

  • YouVisit 2016 Data Project

    SUMMARY  YouVisit is currently working with its partner schools to determine the outcome of YouVisit generated leads. Once we receive this data, we’ll be putting together averages (i.e. overall averages, average for location, average for school size, etc.) and providing this info to the schools that participated in this project. Schools that participate will be entered to win a VR re...

  • Ways Businesses Use Virtual Reality

    From travel to retail, businesses of all types are starting to consider and use virtual reality. And like many mediums, there are multiple of ways VR can be implemented. Below, we’ve broken down four of the most common uses for virtual reality.

  • 4 Things to Consider Before Starting a Virtual Reality Marketing Campaign

    During the past year, major brands across a variety of industries have developed and implemented virtual reality marketing campaigns. And in the coming years, this type of marketing content is expected to increase, thanks mostly to virtual reality’s unique ability to capture and hold viewers attention.

  • Film Talk Friday: The Most Important Tool in a VR Videographer's Arsenal

    In this week's Film Talk Friday, Rakan Shaker, one of YouVisit Studios' cinematographers, reveals what the most important tool a virtual reality videographer needs.

  • 9 Elements of an Amazing DMO App

    For destination marketing organizations, a high-quality app can be a powerful tool for promoting your locations and cutting through an already-crowded market. But good apps don’t grow on trees. The apps we use most frequently were carefully designed and tested by experienced developers. But if you look at them closely, you’ll see that many of the best apps have several things in common...

  • Film Talk Friday: You Ask, We Answer—Twitter Edition

    This past week, PJ Morreale, head of YouVisit Studios, joined a panel of VR creators and producers at B&H Photo Video. Check out his answers to some of the toughest VR questions out there. And don't forget to check back every week for more Film Talk Friday. 

  • 10 Common Questions About Virtual Reality Marketing Answered

    Virtual reality may have been around for a while, but for many, VR is still a fairly new concept—especially for marketing professionals trying to figure how VR content fits into their future campaigns. To save you time, here are 10 of the most frequently asked questions about virtual reality marketing.

  • Everything Marketers Need to Know About Virtual Reality Headsets

    Virtual reality launched in a big way in 2015. Major companies and early adopters experimented with virtual reality marketing in a myriad of ways. With a handful of virtual reality headsets set to hit the market this spring and later this year, we’re sure to see a lot more of VR marketing.

  • Film Talk Friday: How VR Is Like the Human Eye

    In this week’s Film Talk Friday, YouVisit Studio’s Alice Shindelar talks about the various perspectives directors need to keep in mind when filming in virtual reality.

  • 5 Gadgets to Enhance the Guest Stay

    Hoteliers are always quick to employ new technology to help smooth operations and serve guests. Technology also can be used to help hotels stand out from the crowd. While technology like free Wi-Fi and on-demand TV—once special features—have become commonplace amenities, there are ways hotels can use technology to engage guests and enhance their stays.

  • Brilliant Ways Marketers Use Virtual Reality

    As virtual reality hits the mainstream market, we’re just beginning to see how the technology can be used to benefit businesses. Among the earliest adopters are marketers, who are creating immersive virtual reality experiences that educate their consumers, increase brand awareness, and show off the experiences and products their brand has to offer. We’ve rounded up a list of companie...

  • A Letter to Our Education Partners

    As you know, the end of the fiscal year is here, and with it comes significant choices. What do you do with any funds you haven’t spent? In today’s higher education climate, those dollars that you fought hard for could simply disappear if you don’t use them.

  • Film Talk Fridays: Shooting in VR v. Shooting Traditional Film

    In our inaugural Film Talk Fridays video, YouVisit Studio's Scott Riehs gives a crash course on the what’s different when shooting in virtual reality compared to traditional film. Don't forget to check back in every Friday for more details and tips about virtual reality production.

  • Is Your Business Ready for Virtual Reality?

    There is no question that the age of virtual reality is here. With the biggest names in technology betting on it, including Samsung, Google, and Facebook, we can only expect for this to become an everyday tool that changes our lives.

  • The Differences Between Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality

    With the growth of technologies that can make us feel transported or ones that can add a different layer of tech to our everyday senses, there’s a lot to learn about. Both virtual reality and augmented reality are shifting how people perceive the world, together in some ways, but apart in others. VR involves a person wearing a headset or other piece of equipment that covers his or he...

  • Everything Hoteliers Need to Know About 360 Video

    In the past several months, major social sites such as YouTube and Facebook have rolled out support for 360 videos, a new media type that promises increased engagement and immersion. For savvy marketers in the hotel and travel industry, this emerging media presents a new and eye-catching way to capture consumers attention.

  • Simple Strategies to Recruit Nontraditional Students

    As competition for students increases, colleges and universities are implementing new strategies to attract potentially overlooked prospective students such as adult learners. Reaching these types of students, however, doesn’t have to be difficult. Here are simple strategies colleges and universities can use to boost their nontraditional student enrollment.

  • How to Pitch Your Destination to Travel Writers

    Gaining positive and consistent coverage can have an incredible impact on a travel destination’s goals. Interesting stories can build brand awareness and drive visitors. But landing a frontpage story isn’t easy. To help time-strapped travel marketers increase their chances of getting picked up by publications, we spoke with long-time travel writers about what they are looking for in...

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  •   Once again, we had a wonderful time at NACAC. Seeing all of the familiar faces, meeting lots of new people, and sitting in on panels about the latest and greatest in admissions and recruitment always gets us excited for what's next. There was a lot to take away from this year's show. Here are some of the highlights from our time at NACAC 2016.

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  • NACAC 2016: Explore Columbus Drinks

    Looking to grab a drink? Check out our guide to the best places to get a drink in downtown Columbus—all within a short walk of the convention center.

  • NACAC 2016: Explore Columbus Dinner

    Looking for good dinner options? Check out our guide to the best places for dinner in downtown Columbus—all within a short walk of the convention center.

  • NACAC 2016: Explore Columbus Breakfast

    Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, even at NACAC. Check out our guide to the best places for breakfast in downtown Columbus—all within a short walk of the convention center.

  • NACAC 2016: Explore Columbus Lunch

    Looking for lunch options? Check out our guide to the best places for lunch in downtown Columbus—all within a short walk of the convention center.

  • NACAC 2016: Explore Columbus Coffee

    Need a pick-me-up? Check out our guide to the best places for coffee in downtown Columbus—all within a short walk of the convention center.

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